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You cannot do business properly where your clients are foreign but you do not use the internet. Sometime you may need to use the internet for whole days long for giving clients support best. By the internet connection, you may get updated information which also support your business for developing. You can use Wi-Fi internet and this is the best way to keep connected with the internet. Many users use Wi-Fi internet in many places. Because it is available in many public and private places. You need to use a router if you want to enjoy Wi-Fi network your home and use multiple devices with a same internet connection.
Every routers and networking devices come with an IP address as default and that default IP address is set up by the manufacture. You need to use this IP address for login to the router and checking the router connectivity. Including the default IP address, you will get some IP addresses what are found in the IP address range. All of those IP address are private IP address and private IP addresses are accessible from the same network. However, you cannot use any false IP address for any purpose and even you cannot login to the router.
Any mistake in the IP address made the IP address false. You cannot login to the router with the false IP address. You have to login to the router if you want to use the administrative tool and setup all settings. You can use all Wi-Fi securities if you can log into the router. You have to make the device enable for Wi-Fi and create a Wi-Fi network. So, you have to login. But if the IP address is false or mistyped, then the IP address is not used for any purposes. If you try to use the false IP address for any purposes, then you will fail.
The IP address is a false IP address and this IP address has no use. There is no router where you will get the false IP address is set. So, those false IP address has no use. You have to fix the false IP address or find out the correct IP address which is used in the router. The correct IP address will be one of those IP addresses, and To know the default IP address of the router, you can read the router manual or to know the current IP address, you can use “ipconfig” command. You have to use this command on the CMD page and press the Enter button.
The command “ipconfig” shows the Current IP address which is used in the router as default gateway. The IP address what you have recovered from the router with the Command can be used for any purposes. The IP address is false IP address and you know that the IP address does not work any reason. You need to know why the IP address becomes false and how to fix the IP address.
You can use the “ipconfig” command to know the current IP address of the router. You have to use this command on the CMD page. You can run the CMD or Command prompt page from the computer start menu. After typing the “ipconfig” command and press enter button. You will know the IP address of Default gateway. Now you get the IP address and type the IP address in the browser address field and click on the Click button. Now you will get the form where the username and password can be used for log in. After typing the default username and password, click on the Login button.
The current IP address may send the error message if the IP address is not recognized by the network or the firewall. The firewall may block the default IP address. So, you from the firewall, you have to unblock the IP address and make the IP address recognized in the firewall. If the network cannot identify the IP address, then you have to setup the IP address in the network of the computer. Now you can try to use the IP address for login and you can check the connection with the ping command. The wrong IP address IP address does not give you good feedback with the ping command.
You must not type another false IP address and you should know what things make an IP address false. The IP address is made of 4 dots which make the IP address false. You must not use more or less than 3 dots in the IP address. For using the exceptional in the IP address, you can make the IP address false. You must use space, symbol or anything what can make an IP address false. You should be careful when you change the IP address or form an IP address.
Many users do know that they can change the default IP address when they need to do this. The only reason to change the IP address is IP address confliction error. In this problem, you have to change the default IP address and set up another IP address in that place. This is why you should know how to create an IP address. When you create an IP address, then you should follow the IP address formation rules and follow the IP address class. You cannot replace an IP address from different IP address class.
With the IP address, you can know the connection between the router and computer. This is why you have to use ping command with the IP address. The command will be formed as “ping” or use that IP address what is set in the router. You have to use that command on the Command prompt page. Do not use that false IP address with the ping, you will not get the correct report about the connection status. Always use that IP address what is used in the router and make sure that you have typed the correct IP address.
If you want to do everything properly and successfully, you should read the router manual which comes with complete instruction and guideline. You must not skip any step from the router guide if you want to avoid any mistake. Specially, when everything is done properly, you must read the troubleshooting chapter to solve all of the problems quick. For doing all of the configuration properly, you should read this article. You can visit YouTube.com site to get video instruction. There are many blogs what you can visit if you want to learn more about the router and Wi-Fi.